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The Chronicle is printed weekly (NO REFUNDS)

Newspapers are printed and shipped every Wednesday.Newspapers will reach mailboxes next Wednesday.

  • About 95% of newspapers are delivered within these timelines. It can takes a few extra days for isolated destinations.
  • Non-delivery can occur for multiple reasons. Wrong zipcode, name not clearly displayed on the mailbox, postman turnover etc.
  • Usually, about 1% to 3% of newspapers are not delivered for the reasons explained above - assuming the mailing list quality is good.
  • Non-delivered newspapers will be returned to our office, so we will be able to know why and contact you, fix the address, ship a new copy and update your address on our mailing list. If you have not received your paper, and our office has not received it back while confirming your address is correct; We can re-ship copies when you need, as you're able to order from only 1 copy at no extra cost - your mailed newspaper will be print and shipped the following Wednesday.

Our paper is printed in France

The Carrasco Chronicle (Business/Resellers)

Sales Tax Included
  • The Carrasco Chronicle Reseller Policy

    1. General Terms

    1.1. Right to Refuse Service
    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for no reason or any reason. By making a purchase, you agree to this policy and all our terms and conditions.

    2. Responsibilities

    2.1. Reselling
    You are authorized to resell the newspapers purchased. However, you are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to reselling. You must sell the paper at the price printed unless otherwise directed by us or if a different price is printed on the paper.

    2.2. Handling and Display
    You agree to handle and display the newspapers in a manner that maintains their condition and promotes a positive image of The Carrasco Chronicle and The Carrasco Publishing Co.

    2.3. Reseller Agreement
    Resellers must sign up on our website and become official resellers. This enables you to provide feedback on the paper and allows you to ask any questions you may have. This requirement applies to both individual resellers (side hustlers) and businesses.

    2.4. Unauthorized Use of Logos
    Individuals or businesses reselling our paper are not affiliated with The Carrasco Chronicle or The Carrasco Publishing Co. (LLC). You are not permitted to use any of our logos to indicate affiliation without first contacting us.

    3. Reseller Fees and AfterPay

    3.1. Reseller Fee
    A reseller fee is included in the price, bringing the cost of our paper from $5 to $6.

    3.2. AfterPay
    We offer AfterPay to help resellers or businesses manage their purchases more effectively.

    4. Subscriber Lists and Distribution

    4.1. Subscriber Lists
    Resellers are allowed to create "subscriber" lists of people to whom they sell. We are not liable for any loss of "subscribers" if they choose to subscribe to us directly.

    4.2. Distribution Etiquette
    Resellers (side hustlers) are asked not to throw or give our paper to houses or people who haven't requested one. Newspaper bags may be purchased if you intend to throw the paper or simply want it to look nice and stay protected. If available, you may purchase them from our website as well.

    5. Limitation of Liability

    5.1. No Liability for Indirect Damages
    We are not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of or related to your purchase.

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