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The Carrasco Chronicle Reseller Description and Duties

Reseller Description:
As a reseller for The Carrasco Chronicle, you will be an independent vendor responsible for distributing our high-quality newspapers to your customers. This role allows you to earn extra income by selling our publications at a marked-up price while promoting our brand in your local community. Please note that as a reseller, you are not an employee or official representative of The Carrasco Chronicle or The Carrasco Publishing Co. (LLC).

Reseller Duties:

1. Purchase and Inventory Management:
   - Purchase newspapers from The Carrasco Chronicle at the reseller price.
   - Maintain an accurate inventory of newspapers to ensure a steady supply for your customers.

2. Sales and Distribution:
   - Sell newspapers at the marked-up price to individual customers, businesses, or through subscriber lists.
   - Ensure newspapers are delivered in good condition and on time.
   - Avoid distributing newspapers to houses or individuals who have not requested them.

3. Customer Interaction and Support:
   - Develop and maintain a list of regular subscribers or customers.
   - Provide excellent customer service, addressing any questions or concerns from your customers promptly.

4. Marketing and Promotion:
   - Promote The Carrasco Chronicle within your community to attract new customers.
   - Display and handle newspapers in a manner that upholds the positive image of The Carrasco Chronicle and The Carrasco Publishing Co.

5. Feedback and Communication:
   - Sign up on our website and become an official reseller to provide feedback and receive updates.
   - Communicate any feedback, issues, or suggestions to The Carrasco Chronicle to help improve our products and services.

6. Compliance and Ethics:
   - Adhere to all applicable laws and regulations related to reselling.
   - Ensure that all sales activities reflect the integrity and standards of The Carrasco Chronicle.
   - Do not use The Carrasco Chronicle or The Carrasco Publishing Co. logos without prior authorization.

7. Financial Management:
   - Utilize AfterPay if needed to manage your purchases.
   - Be transparent about pricing, including the reseller fee, and ensure customers are aware of the cost.

8. Additional Supplies:
   - Purchase newspaper bags if needed for delivery, either independently or through our website if available.

By fulfilling these duties, you will help expand the reach of The Carrasco Chronicle and contribute to our mission of providing quality journalism to a broader audience.

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